Mississippi flag excitement!

I was so proud of the way Mississippi handled ourselves with the latest flag issue. Our legislature and lieutenant governor really got busy working on how to make it work to retire our state flag. Here are some of my favorite quotes and wonderful articles that I read and really loved! I’m not sure who said these things on the floor of the house or senate but they made an impact on me.

“We’re not erasing our history but affirming our future..”

“Vote today for Mississippi of tomorrow “

“A politician thinks about next election..but a statesman thinks about the next generation. “


By retiring our current flag, Mississippi can show America who we really are



A Statement on the Flag of Mississippi

6 responses to “Mississippi flag excitement!”

  1. 5468cossar


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  2. jlmoore616

    Great thoughts Fin !!!!

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  3. Kay French

    Love all the links in 1 spot! Will share with my out of state friends and family! Thanks!

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  4. Donna Terry

    Thanks for the quotes and articles to read! It was great seeing everybody agree on this issue .

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  5. Jim Moore

    Well put Fin! It was truly historical and pleasing to us.

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