Steamboat 2022 July

Luci and I took a Quick trip to see Harrison.

First stop after Denver airport and the Hertz car rental was in SilverThorne, CO. Thieggan with Half baked Harvest recommended Sauce on the Blue for lunch. It has delicious homemade pizzas 🍕. We got a coffee next door at Red Buffalo Coffee and got back on the road to Steamboat. It’s a gorgeous drive.

We stayed at the new Residence Inn. It’s very nice but on opposite side of town than Harrison. The first night we ate at Salt and Lime, it is on Main Street and good Mexican food. The next day, we did some hiking then lunch at Creekside Cafe. It’s one of our favorites. We shopped a little… at FM Light and Sons, Deja Vu consignment and some t shirt shops. The next day we went on a horseback ride up the property next to where Harrison lives and works. It was stunningly beautiful! The lushness of the ferns and wildflowers was wonderful. We rode for about 4 hours.. the entire time it was beautiful! That night we went to the rodeo. If you ever in Steamboat May through August on a Friday or Saturday night, the rodeo is a must! We ate at Carls before the rodeo. It is pricey but a great location, great service and delicious.

The morning we were to leave we had to be up by 4:30 to make it to Denver airport for our flight. As we are walking to our car in the parking lot my daughter saw a bear! He had been in the dumpster that had a fence around it. I normally leave keys in the hotel rooms but for some reason I brought mine and I am very thankful because we were able to run to the side door of the hotel and get in. We then called and thankfully someone answered. He came into the parking lot to scare off the bear.. The big bear had just walked away from my suitcase when the guy came out. The hotel worker helped us get in a car and we were on our way back to the Denver Airport.

It was a great quick trip to see Harrison!

Guest Writer: College World Series-Ole Miss wins!

Brought to you by special guest and longtime best friend of Luci’s, Courtney Burrow. This past weekend was one I will never forget! As unexpected competitors, the Ole Miss Rebels played in the College World Series…and WON! The Rebels’ journey to National Champions was a wild one and so was our spontaneous trip to Omaha.

that 7:45 pre-sunburn glow

After the Rebels beat Arkansas on Thursday, Luci, Lyncyn, and I immediately started planning our roadtrip to Omaha, more than eager to cheer on the Rebs to victory. Knowing the championship games were best 2 out of 3, we decided to take our chances and purchase tickets for Sunday’s game. This could be a once in a lifetime opportunity. We took a chance with no regrets…other than not wearing sunscreen. Here’s how our road to Omaha went…

Piling into Luci’s car, we left Birmingham at 7:45 am on Saturday morning with a 10 hour drive ahead of us to Kansas City, MO. Luci was excited about driving her first time through Arkansas until it felt like we were in the state of Arkansas for 4 too many hours. By the time it hit 6 pm, we became literal road Rebs while driving through Missouri and streamed the first game on Luci’s phone. In the best timing possible, we made it to a Mexican restaurant in Kansas City to finish watching the incredible first game. Back-to-back-to-back home-runs had us screaming at the restaurant’s bar TV. We then headed to our hotel in Overland Park, KS and were more than excited to get to sleep before the big game on Sunday in Omaha.

Road Rebs (shoutout to Luci’s new pop socket, Verizon and Youtube TV)
Our reactions to the back-to-back-to-back homers that would put the Rebels in the series lead 1-0.

Sunday morning at 7 am, I drove the 3 hours to our final destination, Omaha, NE. Our timing to Omaha was perfect giving us the opportunity to park and eat brunch at a local restaurant, Jams. After a couple wrong turns, we walked our way to Charles Schwab Field and met a huge crowd of Ole Miss fans at a local bar, Blatts, across the street from the stadium.

Blatt’s before the game

At 2 pm, it was game time. We found our seats high up under the scorching sun behind 3rd base. The first 7 innings were quite stressful for all three of us due to bad calls, overturned plays, close scores, and singeing skin from the sun. After Oklahoma’s score was overturned, Gonzalez hit a home-run, and OU’s catcher had a couple mess-ups, we were about ready to storm the field as National Champions. The long journey there and journey ahead all became worth it in the 8th and 9th inning as the Rebels secured the National Championship.

After the hugging and cheering had died down, we made our way back to Blatts for a victory drink and food. Morale was high and it was evidential that everyone in Omaha could not be more proud to be Ole Miss Rebels. We couldn’t get over it and kept saying it out loud to make sure it was true: “We’re national champions.” We had heard that Omaha was known for steak and ice cream, since we were already spending an arm and a leg to get to Omaha, we opted to try out the ice cream places instead of the steak houses. After we left Blatt’s, we went to TED AND WALLY’S ice cream place. It was adorable and off the beaten path, so it was not too crowded.

After a good nights sleep in Omaha (shoutout to the Hurst Family), we made our way on the long journey back to Birmingham, Monday morning at 7 am. On our roadtrip home, we were coming back with full hearts and burnt skin, had crossed off some new states (Arkansas {Luci only}, Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, and Nebraska) and had big smiles, still pinching ourselves that we were National Champions. We did take an alternate route home in order to prevent driving across the ENTIRE state of Arkansas again. After we stopped for gas a couple times, potty breaks, lunch in Springfield, Missouri (shoutout to Makenna) and dinner in Tupelo, MS we made it back to Birmingham around 10:30 pm.

The whole weekend felt like a dream waking up in Birmingham one morning, Kansas the next, and Omaha the next. Thank you to the Lord for our safety in travel, Luci for planning and being our hype woman, and the Ole Miss Rebels baseball team for an unforgettable experience watching them win the College World Series. The atmosphere in Charles Schwab and Omaha was unlike anything else and left us feeling proud all weekend to be Ole Miss Rebels. Hotty Toddy!!

Sanford and Luci post-game celebrating the Rebs
1952.5 miles! The Best Experience! #HottyToddy
nothing like a mid-game amazon order of aloe…..

Steamboat Colorado 2021

Steamboat 2021

Hiking around Steamboat

Going out west is always a fun vacation! Here are some hiking highlights.. These are some great places to hike with beautiful views.. hiking Hahn’s Peak, hiking Pearl Lake and hiking Fish Creek Falls. Hahn’s Peak is very hard..straight up with lots of switch backs but worth it! ( I didn’t make it to very top) The elevation goes from 8200 to 10800. I could hardly breathe! We hiked around Pearl Lake and to Fish Creek Falls. They are both about 1 mile round trip and relatively flat..

Favorite places to eat

Our favorite restaurants in Steamboat.. Creekside Cafe for brunch or lunch. Try to get a table outside by the creek. Ore House is a great steak house. Salt and Lime is delicious Tex mex . If the weather is nice get a table on the roof. Winonas is delicious for breakfast or lunch. The downtown Farmers Mkt is 3-4 blocks long along the river on Yampa street. It’s on Saturdays 8-2 I think, Highly recommend! Hahns Peak Roadhouse is just like it sounds! Fun local pool hall/restaurant. On The way to Hahn’s peak on CR 129 you pass by Clark Colorado where The Home ranch is and The Clark store. The Clark store is definitely a must stop. We flew into Eagle CO and drove to Edwards, CO for lunch. We loved Hovis and Harrison which is a cafe, bakery and market!

The Steamboat rodeo is a very American family activity. The cowgirl going slow around the arena with the American flag is the most patriotic thing! 🇺🇸 Below is a video! There is saddle bronc riding, cowgirl barrel racing, bull riding, tie-down roping, steer wrestling,bareback riding and junior and pee wee events. The announcer explains every event. We all thoroughly enjoyed it. My son is interested in the team roping.

“America the Beautiful “ 🇺🇸

Horseback Riding on the Continental Divide 🤠🐎

VRBO information We stayed in a VRBO on the side of town where my son lives. It’s a brand new neighborhood with brand new houses and we loved it!

30A Songwriters Festival

This was a first for us! We had never heard of this festival .. we really aren’t festival type people and we certainly aren’t musical, but we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

This is a 4 day songwriters festival. It is a very interesting profession. We learned all about how much each songwriter makes per song they write. The head lawyer for the industry spoke to us one morning before an event at Bud and Ally’s. He said if you pay for Spotify or any music download that’s the best way the songwriters get paid. If you do the free version they still make some but not much.

Each download is how its calculated.

We loved almost every musician we heard. The ones we heard the last night weren’t our favorites but we still had best time!

We started out on Friday night at a private John Prine concert with his son Tommy. It was incredible. There were no phones or videos allowed. There were probably around 200-250 people in this venue.

They told so many stories and then sang the songs they wrote about.

After that we walked down to the venue where Elizabeth Cook was singing. There were probably about 40 people there and she was really good. She told great stories and we really like the song about her heroin addict sister.

Saturday morning we went early to Bud And Ally’s. It was called Hair of the Dog. We loved Gretchen Peters ,Kim Ritchie , Jeff Black and Mary Gauthier. They told fabulous stories about the songs that they had written and the venue also served us coffee or lunch/brunch/ snacks while we were sitting there. There were about 100 people there at the most. I strongly suggest listening to Mercy Now by Mary Gauthier.

The War after the War and I drink are also awesome! We met most of them afterwards and I will post some pictures.

Setting up for Hair of the Dog show

Saturday afternoon we went to the big venue and set up our chairs to hear John Prine! Tanya Tucker and the Indigio Girls went before him. They sang the songs you would expect ! Delta Dawn and Closer to,Fine. Tanya sang new song about Bring me Flowers now. She won a Grammy the next week. It was raining during John Prine and a lot of people left but we stuck it out. John Prines son Tommy and wife Fiona came out and sang the last song with


Sunday morning was the highlight! We went all the way to Alys beach to the Gospel brunch. We missed the first seating (930)and stood in line an hour to get in the next seating(11). That outdoor venue held 350. We were on the second row and it was wonderful. Karyn Williams, Brian White, Mac Powell who all told stories and sang Christian songs. It was a very moving service that was outdoors and it was very chilly.

Saturday night we went to hear Livingston Taylor. He is James Taylor’s brother and is quite an entertainer. That venue held about 300.

Sunday afternoon we went back to the big venue and set up to hear Brian White of the Beach boys. Don McLean was before him. It was very chilly again and we enjoyed it. Brian White came out on a walker and I’m not sure if he sang or not but he sat at his white piano.

Sunday night we ate at Basmatis.

We went to some venues (Vue) that were near where we were staying. They were neat small venues but the singers we did not enjoy it as much as the musicians we had seen already.

Carpet and area where John Prine sang Friday night ( no phones allowed)

Elizabeth Cook ( she’s very funny but her song about her herion addict sister is serious!)
Gretchen Peters( listen to her song 5 minutes)
Jeff Black and my friend Donna
Amanda Wooten,me,Donna and Jamiee ( not sure last name) and Mary Gauthier. ( listen to Mary’s song War after War and I drink)
John Prine
Tommy,Fiona and John Prine
Livingston Taylor
Lifelong friends (4 of us in same high school class)
Freezing watching Brian White and Beach Boys

Steamboat/Snowmass 2020

We love to go out west! Especially in February.

For some reason the flights into Steamboat /Hayden are very inexpensive the week before Presidents Day.

We stayed in Steamboat at the Inn at Steamboat. It was cozy and quaint. I will definitely go back. We only skied one day. Lift tickets are extremely high .

Our favorite places to eat was Salt and Lime and Creekside Cafe.

I loved the local candy store called Fuzziwigs. and Skull Creek Greek for quick lunch.

Cool barn we stopped and took pic of
Horses with dogs hanging out
—panda and Jack
Just born
Harrison with Panda and Jack
View from Harrisons Barnominium
Rebel and Toast
Steamboat sking
Lunch after sking while skies were still blue.
Favorite restaurants in Snowmass are the Stewpot and IL Poggio and Fuel for coffee and smoothies. L’Hostaria in Aspen is delicious and always looks like famous people everywhere. The Aspen airport has so many jets that’s mind boggling.
I recommend Alux Spalon for pedicure.
Wildwood next to the Westin is old and run down but location is fabulous.