Cossar State Park 2021

The Cossar family has been going to Cossar State Park ( since 1979. We have our family reunion there once a year. Usually in May or June. It is on the shores of Enid Lake about 7 miles off the Oakland exit . There are 13 air conditioned cabins and 83 campsites.

Mississippi flag excitement!

I was so proud of the way Mississippi handled ourselves with the latest flag issue. Our legislature and lieutenant governor really got busy working on how to make it work to retire our state flag. Here are some of my favorite quotes and wonderful articles that I read and really loved! I’m not sure who said these things on the floor of the house or senate but they made an impact on me.

“We’re not erasing our history but affirming our future..”

“Vote today for Mississippi of tomorrow “

“A politician thinks about next election..but a statesman thinks about the next generation. “

By retiring our current flag, Mississippi can show America who we really are

A Statement on the Flag of Mississippi

Oxford MS #HottyToddy Ole Miss game #TheGrove

We had a great hot weekend in Oxford. It’s a awesome place to go visit! We had some new discoveries this past weekend I’d like to share. Anytime we go to Oxford we have best time catching up with friends we haven’t seen in years and checking out what is new!

The Snack Bar was a great surprise! We had never been and loved it! It’s dark so we had to get our phones out to read menu. The trout dip was a wonderful appetizer. We loved the choice of zero proof drinks on the menu. Its rare to find something on the drink menu for people who don’t drink. We were thrilled! We had no problem getting a reservation and the service was the best!

Then we visited The Creamery …it’s a new ice cream place on the Square. We enjoyed it so much that we went back Sunday after lunch at St Leo’s. We love to support locally owned places while in Oxford. The owner of The Creamery is Hudson Magee. His parents opened up the William Magee Center for Wellness this weekend. It is a new place for students to go. Prayerfully it will make a big impact on students and help them with all the stresses and other things that go along with college.

Our tailgate was fun but hot 🥵.

Family in the Grove

Ole Miss Players praying before the Game.

The Creamery

Courthouse on the Square

Purple Honey

Mocktail menu at Snack Bar