Bald Head Island May 2023

We were planning a girls trip, Mother’s Day trip, sister trip, mother/ daughter trip and birthday trip and decided to meet in Bald Head Island, North Carolina.

It is a magical place located right off the North Carolina coast. You take a 20 minute ferry from Southport which is less than an hour from the Wilmington airport. The island is golf carts only, it’s about a 10 minute golf cart ride from one end of the island to the other.

This is when our golf cart was dying, we had forgotten to charge it overnight. 🛺

There are all kinds of things to do besides sitting on the beach. There is a spa, golf, swimming, tennis, mahjong, kayaking, fishing, art classes and shopping.

There are about 250 full time residents. They are a close group. People love to go look for alligators and cool birds. Also, the lighthouse called Old Baldy (constructed in 1903) and the Island Chapel are other points of interest. You can climb up to the top of Old Baldy but we didn’t this trip.

I got to be briefly on my sisters podcast, Pink Shade.

Go look it up! She mostly covers reality TV shows but this episode she was interviewing a podcaster who is from Mississippi. I was able to visit with her before they started recording. Her name is Larrison Campbell and her podcast is called Devil in the Ditch. It’s about a murder (of her grandmother!) in Greenville MS. 🎤

Here are some more random pictures I took while there.

I met some nice ladies who let me play mahjong with them 2 afternoons. They were originally from all different places but had chosen to retire here. They go to the mainland every few weeks to stock up on groceries. The grocery store and hardware store both have most everything you need but, it can be expensive. They all have a car in a paid parking spot at the Southport ferry. I loved talking with them about this lifestyle!

2 responses to “Bald Head Island May 2023”

  1. lucimoore

    Looks like a fun trip! Maybe next time your daughter can be invited!

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  2. jlmoore616

    Wonderful photographs and so dang informative. This is exactly what we have come to expect from !!!!

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