Cancun wedding 2/2023

This was my first destination wedding! A childhood friend’s daughter was getting married in Cancun. We stayed at the Grand Fiesta.

The seated dinners at both the rehearsal dinner and wedding were very festive and delicious.

The pool and beach areas were very active and busy. There were water aerobics, live music, margarita-making classes, vodka tasting, and all sorts of other things going on.

Here are a few pictures of all the food. Since it’s all-inclusive, so we ate a lot.

Here are some beautiful photos of the flowers in the lobby.

The Spa is the finest biggest spa I’ve ever seen. The hydrotherapy treatment after my massage was unbelievable. It’s a 10 step ritual which detoxifies skin through contrasts of warm and cool temperatures combined with high and low water pressures. There was a steam room with eucalyptus, ice-cold 20 second shower, sauna, rainfall shower, ice room, and a heated jacuzzi for 15 minutes. Then your attendant showed you the ice cold water dip, then foot therapy where you walked on river rocks in warm water then freezing water. The last thing was the pool area that had these cool water features which were like jacuzzis all over. All amazing! All in a bathing suit.

View from our room
Sue, the MOB, and Gaines dancing
Fireworks and sparklers send off!
Beth narrating our dinner

4 responses to “Cancun wedding 2/2023”

  1. Susan Garraway Dyer

    Thank you, Fin! Love this!! And you! 😍😍

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  2. jlmoore616

    That looks like such fun !!!!

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  3. Angelyn

    Looks like a lotta fun!

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  4. Donna Terry

    Thoroughly enjoyed all the pics and reading about everything !!! That had to be SO FUN!

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