Steamboat 2022 July

Luci and I took a Quick trip to see Harrison.

First stop after Denver airport and the Hertz car rental was in SilverThorne, CO. Thieggan with Half baked Harvest recommended Sauce on the Blue for lunch. It has delicious homemade pizzas 🍕. We got a coffee next door at Red Buffalo Coffee and got back on the road to Steamboat. It’s a gorgeous drive.

We stayed at the new Residence Inn. It’s very nice but on opposite side of town than Harrison. The first night we ate at Salt and Lime, it is on Main Street and good Mexican food. The next day, we did some hiking then lunch at Creekside Cafe. It’s one of our favorites. We shopped a little… at FM Light and Sons, Deja Vu consignment and some t shirt shops. The next day we went on a horseback ride up the property next to where Harrison lives and works. It was stunningly beautiful! The lushness of the ferns and wildflowers was wonderful. We rode for about 4 hours.. the entire time it was beautiful! That night we went to the rodeo. If you ever in Steamboat May through August on a Friday or Saturday night, the rodeo is a must! We ate at Carls before the rodeo. It is pricey but a great location, great service and delicious.

The morning we were to leave we had to be up by 4:30 to make it to Denver airport for our flight. As we are walking to our car in the parking lot my daughter saw a bear! He had been in the dumpster that had a fence around it. I normally leave keys in the hotel rooms but for some reason I brought mine and I am very thankful because we were able to run to the side door of the hotel and get in. We then called and thankfully someone answered. He came into the parking lot to scare off the bear.. The big bear had just walked away from my suitcase when the guy came out. The hotel worker helped us get in a car and we were on our way back to the Denver Airport.

It was a great quick trip to see Harrison!

3 responses to “Steamboat 2022 July”

  1. Jim Moore

    Oh Fin!!!!!! I feel as if we were there! You do a grand job of words and pics……your subjects were grand too!!!!!


  2. jlmoore616

    Great post !!!!!

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  3. Susan Goodman

    Thank you Finney for these wonderful updates on your awesome trip! 🤩🤩🤩

    Liked by 1 person

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