Pikes Peak—Summit

We made it to the Summit today! Yesterday it was only open to 11,000 feet and this afternoon they opened it to the TOP —14,115 feet! So we took off. It was a VERY EXTRA scary drive. It’s 19 miles total! I prayed, leaned into the middle of the car, held my breath, couldn’t talk, and prayed some more. My hands were sweating. My husband did a fabulous job ..but it was still one of the most scariest things we have ever done! I really can’t describe the roads and switchbacks. There was no railing, but it was icy and very windy. My favorite thing was the beautiful scenery. You could see for miles.

Here are some pictures that I took. I have more on my good camera, but these are iPhone pictures from mine and my husbands phone…

5 responses to “Pikes Peak—Summit”

  1. Ellen

    Way to go Fin! What a bucket list! So glad God answered prayers and got you there and back safely..Im trembling just thinking about it😩

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  2. jlmoore616

    Absolutely George our day to summit !!!!
    Can’t believe how well-maintained that road is. I kept my eyes on the road 12-15 feet in front of us, but am told the scenery was breathtaking.


    1. jlmoore616

      gorgeOUS …..
      not “George our”


  3. matt

    Nice… with clear skies and unlimited visibility in your pics, I didn’t think those were from yesterday!

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    1. Right. We went back once we heard it was open to the Summit!

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