FarmGirlFlowers for our 30th anniversary

58148178689__23f50809-3b91-4b84-84fc-40761262d7b1It has been an amazing 30th wedding anniversary year. We celebrated in March in Hawaii with a 10 day trip!

Our oldest son got married and that brought back so many memories.  I had the best time looking through our wedding album before his wedding. His wedding reception was at the same venue where ours was and they left in the same getaway car 🚙. It was a special time!!

Then on our actual day June 3rd I got the best surprise in the USPS mail!

My husband had heard of FarmGirl Flowers from Brene Brown. He went online and ordered them! What a great thing! They came wrapped in a super cool burlap bag.  They even put a candle and some nuts in the box.

They lasted almost 2 weeks! The peonies were stunning!

It was a gift that I’ll never forget!


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