Church Hill, Mississippi

Around Mississippi

Christ Church located in Church Hill Mississippi was built in or around 1858. The marker says the church was first organized in 1790. It is on a beautiful lot that is situated in a unique way on a small hill. It is Gothic-style architecture and is still holds services once a month.

Its a national landmark and first Episcopal congregation in Mississippi in 1820. A lot of the furnishings ( pews and chairs) are original.

There is a lot of history along the Natchez Trace. This community is right off the Trace near Natchez.

Below are some iPhone pictures I took.

The graveyard around the church is very old and very interesting. If you could clean all of the tombstones there is no telling what all history is hidden there. I could read some of them and 2 of my favorite tombstones were “Our Papa”and “Our Darling Edgar”.

Walt Grayson has filmed some of his “Look Around Mississippi” TV shows here.


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