Clark CO

This is a blog so i can remember where I’ve been and what i enjoyed while there!

I like to get recommendations and give recommendations.

We just visited The Home Ranch in Clark CO.  If you can fly into Hayden/Steamboat Springs then I would recommend that. If you have to fly into Denver and rent a car,  The scenery is beautiful . It’s about 3 1/2 hours .

The food is outstanding at The Home Ranch. The cabins are very cozy and comfortable. You can do a lot or do a little while you are there. I enjoyed trying snowshoeing for the first time on the many trails they have. It is just like hiking or walking. I also enjoyed riding horses which I have not done much before. The rides are very enjoyable and beautiful.

We also enjoyed riding out to the pasture in the sleigh to feed the 78 horses. It is a daily activity that is not to be missed.  The horses all come running when they

hear the  sleigh .

We did not try cross country skiing but most people do that. They have easy flat pastures you can learn to cross country ski on.

The Town of Clark Colorado is very small town-ish. A visit to the Clark Store  is also a must.  The owners of The Home Ranch also own The Clark store. It has everything you would ever need in it. We love the local coffee called Stout Trout and take home a bag or two.

If you go in the summer the fly fishing is fabulous. It is an Orvis endorsed place. Another activity is hiking Hahn’s Peak. There are views like you’ve never seen!

Another place to stay is a The Glen resort. It is on The Elk River and has cabins that are very comfortable. There is also a restaurant there that is very good and very local.

I highly recommend visiting Clark CO.




4 responses to “Clark CO”

  1. Ellen Ellis

    I am ready for Clark Co..only if that cute boy n the cover of Cabello can give us a sleigh ride☺️ This is beautiful..

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  2. Harrison

    Woooooohooooooo dinners first blog


    1. Harrison



  3. Great blog Finney! Can’t believe y’all have a real cowboy in the family!

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