Cossar State Park 2020

The park features boating, waterskiing and fishing on 28,000-acre Enid Lake, 83 campsites, 13 camper cabins, visitors center ( pictures of my grandfather) , 18-hole disc golf course, 18-hole miniature golf course, picnic area, beach volleyball and a 2.2-mile nature trail. One of our family traditions is putting out and checking the trotlines.

Our Family stays in the camper cabins. You have to reserve cabins 2 years in advance. We usually have all 13 rented. Mississippi state parks have been closed for about three months due to Covid. They re-opened at the beginning of June and we were able to have our _Family reunion three weeks later. Everything was outside so thankfully we were all safe.

This is a tradition with our family that goes back probably 50 or so years.

Genesis and Kristen

Greezer, Harper and Heather

Trot line 🐟🐢
Deer everywhere

30A Songwriters Festival

This was a first for us! We had never heard of this festival .. we really aren’t festival type people and we certainly aren’t musical, but we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

This is a 4 day songwriters festival. It is a very interesting profession. We learned all about how much each songwriter makes per song they write. The head lawyer for the industry spoke to us one morning before an event at Bud and Ally’s. He said if you pay for Spotify or any music download that’s the best way the songwriters get paid. If you do the free version they still make some but not much.

Each download is how its calculated.

We loved almost every musician we heard. The ones we heard the last night weren’t our favorites but we still had best time!

We started out on Friday night at a private John Prine concert with his son Tommy. It was incredible. There were no phones or videos allowed. There were probably around 200-250 people in this venue.

They told so many stories and then sang the songs they wrote about.

After that we walked down to the venue where Elizabeth Cook was singing. There were probably about 40 people there and she was really good. She told great stories and we really like the song about her heroin addict sister.

Saturday morning we went early to Bud And Ally’s. It was called Hair of the Dog. We loved Gretchen Peters ,Kim Ritchie , Jeff Black and Mary Gauthier. They told fabulous stories about the songs that they had written and the venue also served us coffee or lunch/brunch/ snacks while we were sitting there. There were about 100 people there at the most. I strongly suggest listening to Mercy Now by Mary Gauthier.

The War after the War and I drink are also awesome! We met most of them afterwards and I will post some pictures.

Setting up for Hair of the Dog show

Saturday afternoon we went to the big venue and set up our chairs to hear John Prine! Tanya Tucker and the Indigio Girls went before him. They sang the songs you would expect ! Delta Dawn and Closer to,Fine. Tanya sang new song about Bring me Flowers now. She won a Grammy the next week. It was raining during John Prine and a lot of people left but we stuck it out. John Prines son Tommy and wife Fiona came out and sang the last song with


Sunday morning was the highlight! We went all the way to Alys beach to the Gospel brunch. We missed the first seating (930)and stood in line an hour to get in the next seating(11). That outdoor venue held 350. We were on the second row and it was wonderful. Karyn Williams, Brian White, Mac Powell who all told stories and sang Christian songs. It was a very moving service that was outdoors and it was very chilly.

Saturday night we went to hear Livingston Taylor. He is James Taylor’s brother and is quite an entertainer. That venue held about 300.

Sunday afternoon we went back to the big venue and set up to hear Brian White of the Beach boys. Don McLean was before him. It was very chilly again and we enjoyed it. Brian White came out on a walker and I’m not sure if he sang or not but he sat at his white piano.

Sunday night we ate at Basmatis.

We went to some venues (Vue) that were near where we were staying. They were neat small venues but the singers we did not enjoy it as much as the musicians we had seen already.

Carpet and area where John Prine sang Friday night ( no phones allowed)

Elizabeth Cook ( she’s very funny but her song about her herion addict sister is serious!)
Gretchen Peters( listen to her song 5 minutes)
Jeff Black and my friend Donna
Amanda Wooten,me,Donna and Jamiee ( not sure last name) and Mary Gauthier. ( listen to Mary’s song War after War and I drink)
John Prine
Tommy,Fiona and John Prine
Livingston Taylor
Lifelong friends (4 of us in same high school class)
Freezing watching Brian White and Beach Boys

Steamboat/Snowmass 2020

We love to go out west! Especially in February.

For some reason the flights into Steamboat /Hayden are very inexpensive the week before Presidents Day.

We stayed in Steamboat at the Inn at Steamboat. It was cozy and quaint. I will definitely go back. We only skied one day. Lift tickets are extremely high .

Our favorite places to eat was Salt and Lime and Creekside Cafe.

I loved the local candy store called Fuzziwigs. and Skull Creek Greek for quick lunch.

Cool barn we stopped and took pic of
Horses with dogs hanging out
—panda and Jack
Just born
Harrison with Panda and Jack
View from Harrisons Barnominium
Rebel and Toast
Steamboat sking
Lunch after sking while skies were still blue.
Favorite restaurants in Snowmass are the Stewpot and IL Poggio and Fuel for coffee and smoothies. L’Hostaria in Aspen is delicious and always looks like famous people everywhere. The Aspen airport has so many jets that’s mind boggling.
I recommend Alux Spalon for pedicure.
Wildwood next to the Westin is old and run down but location is fabulous.

Seth Meyers: Lobby Baby

I thought this was a 5/5. I don’t love Seth Myers nighttime show but this is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while!

Yash Bansal Game & TV Reviews

While I don’t think stand-up comedy is Seth Meyers’s strongest suit, I had fun with “Lobby Baby.” He does a good job with storytelling and some of the jokes were pretty funny. However, there were others that were a little amusing but not particularly memorable. He does do something unique with the political segment in this special that I thought was very clever and unique that I would say is worth checking out. Overall, I don’t think I’d watch this special again and there are better ones on Netflix, but I thought it was fine for a one time watch.


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Oxford MS #HottyToddy Ole Miss game #TheGrove

We had a great hot weekend in Oxford. It’s a awesome place to go visit! We had some new discoveries this past weekend I’d like to share. Anytime we go to Oxford we have best time catching up with friends we haven’t seen in years and checking out what is new!

The Snack Bar was a great surprise! We had never been and loved it! It’s dark so we had to get our phones out to read menu. The trout dip was a wonderful appetizer. We loved the choice of zero proof drinks on the menu. Its rare to find something on the drink menu for people who don’t drink. We were thrilled! We had no problem getting a reservation and the service was the best!

Then we visited The Creamery …it’s a new ice cream place on the Square. We enjoyed it so much that we went back Sunday after lunch at St Leo’s. We love to support locally owned places while in Oxford. The owner of The Creamery is Hudson Magee. His parents opened up the William Magee Center for Wellness this weekend. It is a new place for students to go. Prayerfully it will make a big impact on students and help them with all the stresses and other things that go along with college.

Our tailgate was fun but hot 🥵.

Family in the Grove

Ole Miss Players praying before the Game.

The Creamery

Courthouse on the Square

Purple Honey

Mocktail menu at Snack Bar

Glacier 🏞 National Park




We love traveling and adventures! Glacier National Park is the most beautiful place! We have loving being in Montana with low temperatures and no humidity. GNP  is a wonderful place to spend a week or long weekend! I’ll share some of our favorite places.

The first day we went to Avalanche Lake and then St. Mary’s falls. Below are some of those pictures. Also we this was our first Flathead Cherry stand stop! 🍒

The second day we booked a Flyfishing trip out of Lake Stream outfitters in Whitefish. We met our guides( we had bought our fishing license online the night before)  and got ready to go. It was a beautiful river and we had more luck before lunch than after lunch. But the best part was seeing an eagle eating a fish and then another eagle try to go get another one. 🦅

The the next day we headed to Logan’s Pass. This parking lot fills up early.  It was rainy and cloudy but we forged ahead. We hiked the Garden Wall and the Highline Trial.

The next day we toured Proof Research in Kalispell.

And hiked Whitefish Mtn.  The boys rented mountain bikes. 🚵🏻‍♂️

The National Bison Refuge was the adventure the next day. We drove past Flathead Lake which was incredible .

Whitefish Farmers Market is incredible. It is on Tuesdays from 5-730.

We tried to go back to Hidden Lake or Highline  Trail but could not find a spot in the Logan pass parking lot. My son described it as a Games of the Thrones scene. But we went west and found the Gunsight Pass/Jackson Glacier overlook. We hiked Gunsight Pass. . It is a tough hike mainly for people backpacking there for a couple of nights. But we hiked down to the most beautiful waterfall/Creek area, had lunch and then hiked back out. It was a strenuous steep hike out but also beautiful.

Here are some of our delicious dinners. It was nice for my adult children to cook most nights. We did enjoy Tupelo Grille and Last Chair. The Sweet Peaks has delicious homemade ice cream.  Also Whitefish has a very active recovery community. There are many meetings and all times every Day! The Presbyterian Church has a room just for recovery! Most of the AA meetings were open.

I highly recommend Montana and GNP for a family vacation. Get bear spray, bear bells and walking sticks. We love traveling and exploring the 🇺🇸 USA!  We have so much to be proud of and a lot of Gods creation to see!


A long weekend in Washington, D.C.

One of my husband and I’s favorite place to visit is Washington D.C. I loved there during college and went back after college .  We lived there again  when my husband was in his fellowship training and one of our sons was born at Georgetown,  my sister and her family live there, my son and nieces live there, and this summer my daughter is there interning!

Each time that I get to go DC I like learn or see something new! This time was the Renwick Gallery.

I had heard of it before but never had the chance to go. On Saturday morning, my son picked us up and we headed there. We got there before it opened, so we walked around the White House waiting for it to open.

Selfie at the WH

320 mirrored stainless steel rods that are LED LIGHTS in grand stairway.

Cool hanging glass that lights up differently each time.

The coffee mugs were made for veterans.

David’s Best Temple. A glowing sanctuary..every tiny piece of carved wood is where people have written personal notes.

Michael Sherrill sculpture

As well as seeing new things, I love to go back and visit some of my favorite museums. One of them is is the National Portrait Gallery – I could spend all day in there!


Michelle Obama

John F. Kennedy

Barack Obama

George W. Bush

My daughter is interning in a Mississippi Congressman’s office and she gave us a lovely US Capitol tour! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

My 2 children, who both work on the Hill.

Jefferson Davis, Mississippi

Appropriations committee room in the Capitol

One of my husband’s favorite places in D.C. is the sculpture of Albert Einstein, which is next to the National Academy of the Sciences. He makes sure that each time we visit D.C., we make a stop.

Of course, one of our favorite things to do is go to wonderful restaurants! From The Tombs to the Tune Inn to Rasika to The Plume at the Jefferson to Succotash and to Central and Rosa Mexicano — they were all delicious!

Seared tuna


The Jefferson

Rosa Mexicana

Tune Inn Capitol Hill


But the BEST place we ate was Rasika!
It is an Indian restaurant that was one block from our hotel .. the crispy spinach was unreal!913B52B5-8FE1-49DA-9922-2149772368E1We enjoyed our long weekend in D.C. and can’t wait to go back soon!What is your favorite place to visit/eat in D.C.? I am open to any and all recommendations!

Another trip to the Tomato Festival 🍅🍅🍅🍅 2019

Every year in Crystal Springs, they host an annual Tomato Festival. Many politicians, delicious food venders, and tons of antique cars everywhere you turned! We enjoyed walking around and taking it all in. We bought tomatoes and pork skins. We got to meet the Tomato Festival Queen and saw the Tomato decorations all over town. We went inside the beautiful Kitchen home, ate some Tomato cookies, and saw all their decorations.

We learn something new each year we go, so this year we got there early to be sure that we got to get some tomatoes🍅

2 of my friends went really early to do the 5K. It was HOT, but they survived! 🏃🏼‍♂️🏃🏼‍♂️ The weather was nice and the festival was in full swing around 10 when we arrived.

Crystal Springs seems vibrant with the landscaping and downtown area looking great!

This year we took a tour of the sawmill and the beautiful farms outside of town. Of course we stopped off at Arva Lees to see all her rooster collections and her decorated tree.

Tomato Festival Queen

Tomato shaped cookies.

Eula Mae

The Pyron’s

The Abrahams

FarmGirlFlowers for our 30th anniversary

58148178689__23f50809-3b91-4b84-84fc-40761262d7b1It has been an amazing 30th wedding anniversary year. We celebrated in March in Hawaii with a 10 day trip!

Our oldest son got married and that brought back so many memories.  I had the best time looking through our wedding album before his wedding. His wedding reception was at the same venue where ours was and they left in the same getaway car 🚙. It was a special time!!

Then on our actual day June 3rd I got the best surprise in the USPS mail!

My husband had heard of FarmGirl Flowers from Brene Brown. He went online and ordered them! What a great thing! They came wrapped in a super cool burlap bag.  They even put a candle and some nuts in the box.

They lasted almost 2 weeks! The peonies were stunning!

It was a gift that I’ll never forget!