Cossar State Park – annual family reunion 2019 and history of Cossar Family reunions

The weekend after Memorial Day every year has been a 3 day family reunion in Oakland, MS. It is across the highway from Charleston, Mississippi, where the Cossars are from. It is at a beautiful State Park in North Mississippi named after my grandfather, whom we called ‘Papa Keet.’

Finney and Harper playing golf

Tallahatchie Tervis (double solo cup)
At EN house. Probably 1983.

Picture of a Papa Keet

It used to be Yocana Ridge State Park but in 1979 the Legislature renamed it George Payne Cossar State Park. (

My grandfather started the family reunion tradition in the 60’s. We used to gather at the Holiday Inn in Grenada, MS.


Holiday Inn Grenada

At Cossar State Park, we rents cabins – we try to get them all next to each other so it is easier to visit all day long! There are several things we like to do each year. On Thursday night, as everyone is arriving my cousin Walter serves crawfish and everyone eats either inside the cabins or on the porches!

His mom (My Aunt Litup) used to have the best tomato and onions drizzled with Italian dressing. On Friday at noon she served gumbo to whoever didn’t play golf. (She always got the crab bodies from Billy’s Seafood in Bon Secour because the crabs sweetened the gumbo). Walter And Katherine also bring a delicious Boston Butt.

Uncle George and Katherine And Walter Becker

2015 George and Chip
Meggie And Luci 2015

Joe Perry, Connie, Pepper And Bob Taggart 2019

On Friday nights is the Catfish fry. My uncle Greezer and Angie do all of the work! It is delicious. After dark a stick fire is made. ( A stick fire is also know as a small bonfire).  Marshmallows are roasted and smores are made. . There are many memories happening and stories being told as the night goes on.

On Saturday the family sometimes goes to my uncles farm and fishes . It is in Teasdale Mississippi and called Pebble Creek. It is a beautiful piece of property.

Jimmy and Sanford fishing 2015

This past year the trot line was brought back to life and the biggest catch was made!

Girl cousins !


Harper, Finney and Kristen
Anne Love ,Kristen And Finney


Bones and Greezer and girls
Pontoon boat riding
Fancy Trotline
BIG Catfish caught by Lee Cossar Taggart



Connie And Uncle George 2015

Uncle George
Bones and Greezer 2015
Lunch at BTC 2015



4 responses to “Cossar State Park – annual family reunion 2019 and history of Cossar Family reunions”

  1. George Cossar

    Enjoyed your blog. Bringing back the Taggarts and the trot line was a big hit.

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  2. Love your memories!

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  3. Ellen Ellis

    Have a great 4th! Your Grandparents would be so proud of the love you have for your family. Love that you are passing on great memories and instilling it in your children.

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    1. Thanks for being my biggest blog supporter!


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