Alpine Camp for Boys Moms retreat 🌲🌲🌲 Mentone AL

This past weekend I got to go back to the Alpine moms retreat. It is a boys camp my children have enjoyed for years. ( I have been going the last four or five years to the moms retreat.


Here are a few pictures of my kids and their cousins at the girls camp – Camp Desoto and from Alpine.

The moms retreat is a wonderful respite from the world and extremely good biblical teaching. Paige Benton Brown is the Bible teacher and I could listen to her for hours. She is incredibly gifted and can teach and preach the Bible like I’ve never heard.

This year was the 🍎 Fruits of the Spirit. She covered self-control , patience and faithfulness. She said Faith is a gift from God. And faithfulness is a result of that gift.  She suggested we ask our husband and children what 3 words describe you? Faithfulness  does not mean standing stronger but standing more firm. The storms are going to come but where will they find us? I’ve definitely experienced that with the trial God sent our way 8 years ago! I am so thankful that it strengthened my faith and relationship with God. I clung to the James 1:2 verse that God gives trails to those he loves.

Paige said the most forgotten fruit is self-control. She said there are two types of people- either you are running to Him or you were not running to Him. The fruit of self-control is who is siding with Jesus? Who lives in you?

We also enjoyed a talk on technology today especially for kids. Kristin Tremain from Chattanooga has done extensive research on this. She has 4 kids and concerned about the technology today and how to keep up. I’ll attach her handout.

I also gave a fireside chat follow up on my story that I shared last year. There were about 30-40 young moms there with a lot of questions. Addiction and alcoholism is hard to talk about but i feel like everyone needs to be educated. It was really fun sharing once it got going.

It was a great weekend of rest,strong Biblical teaching, good food and hiking. My friend Cindy from Birmingham and I enjoyed going and listening to the river at night and the rain on the tin roof. We met new and old friends.

The cakes in the picture was made by the ladies at the retreat.  It was an option of the activities. I went by and observed .🎂🍴6DBAA963-F964-4DA0-B7EF-57FA053B72EE Lookout Mountain means a lot to my family and I thoroughly enjoy each time I


get to go there!



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